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30 Sep
How to Pack Pictures and Photo Albums for Moving or Storage

Your photos represent your memories in physical form—which is why it’s important to understand how to store pictures properly. Knowing how to pack photo frames, their contents, and other photo-related memorabilia helps you preserve those precious memories for decades to come. Whether you need to know how to pack pictures for moving or just want...

21 Sep
Man holding a cardboard moving box.
How Many Boxes Do I Need for Moving Homes or into Storage?

How many boxes for moving do you truly need? Of course, it depends on several factors: the size of your home, how long you’ve been there, and what you plan to keep. This number also ensures you select the correct storage unit size when you utilize offsite storage space for your boxed items. The Self...

29 Jul
Small business office with supplies scattered around the room.
Small Business Supplies to Keep in the Office vs. Offsite

With numerous tech startups and other types of small businesses around the Grand Rapids metro, Kentwood, MI, is a pretty optimal place to become a business owner. In fact, a new report named Kentwood the best small city in Michigan for starting and running a company (even despite the strains of the pandemic).  But make...

22 Jun
Man struggling to carry three stacked moving boxes.
5 of the Biggest Moving and Packing Mistakes

With scores of packing and moving tips to keep in mind, it feels impossible to remember them all when it comes down to the wire. Sometimes, it’s more helpful to know a few common moving mistakes to avoid. From stacking boxes carelessly to failing to account for the storage space you need, Self Storage Specialists...


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