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22 May
Space-Consuming Hobbies that Benefit from Self Storage

Depending on your hobbies, how you choose to spend your spare time might require additional space at home—whether for bulky outdoor equipment or clutter from DIY restoration projects. If you could use hobby storage ideas or simply some extra room in Clarkston, MI, there are many benefits of self storage for hobbies. Features such as...

07 May
A young girl learning how to wash her hands with her mom
How to Teach Kids About Hygiene

It’s never too early to teach your kids about proper hygiene habits. Proper hygiene is not only important to reduce the risk of contracting different illnesses and viruses, it’s also good for personal appearance. While your kids may not thank you now for taking the time to teach them good habits, they will later down...

01 May
Reopen Faster: Small Business Relief Through Self Storage

Self storage can help local businesses reopen faster post-pandemic because Self Storage Specialists is essential to the local economy. In fact, businesses can reopen more economically than they normally could without our assistance. Here’s why. Self storage is classified as an essential because it is critical to the economic supply chain and the supply chain...

10 Apr
A girl looks into an aquarium
Tips for Moving a Fish Tank

Are you moving soon and planning to bring your fish tank along? While moving a fish tank can be tricky and a lot of work, for any fish fanatics, it’s well worth it. But, when you plan ahead and know the steps for properly moving and storing a fish tank, it may be easier than...


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