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04 Jan
Calendar, pens, coffee, and smartphone sitting organized on a home office desk.
4 Tips for an Organized Office Space at Home

With remote work and at-home working on the rise, Americans increasingly find themselves needing to convert a part of their house or apartment into an office. Unfortunately, not everyone lives in a place where they can create a large office space for themselves. In the case where small space living is an unchangeable factor, what...

06 Dec
Snow covered garden bench on a patio in winter
Storing Patio Furniture in Winter

Your outdoor furniture has served you well. From neighborhood cookouts to kicking back on lazy weekends lounging outside, it’s helped you make the most of your outdoor space. Now that it’s time to batten down the hatches for winter, knowing how to store outdoor furniture in winter is a must. Our furniture storage tips will...

22 Nov
The Grand Rapids, MI, skyline in the fall, dotted with trees that have green, orange, and red leaves.
What You Need to Know About Moving to Grand Rapids, MI

If you’re moving to Grand Rapids, MI, you’re in for a treat. This rapidly growing Midwestern city boasts a rich local culture, a diverse population, and a wealth of career opportunities in a variety of industries. From the Grand Rapids housing market and education to moving tips, we’ve compiled the essentials on living in Grand...

17 Nov
Young couples moving boxes into a van.
Should I Rent a Moving Truck or Hire Movers?

It’s no surprise that there are a lot of decisions to make whenever you plan a move. Those plans can complexify depending on how much stuff you have, how many people are willing to help you, and how long you have to move all your belongings. In the shuffle, it’s easy to lose track of...

13 Aug
How to Store Washers, Dryers, and Other Appliances

As you accumulate more possessions throughout your life, often moving feels less like an exciting new chapter and more like an endless game of juggling clothes, cookware, and other items. Though you may be able to give away old sweaters or sell unused electronics beforehand, major appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines are a...

16 Jul
What Clothes Do I Need to Bring to College?

Most college students quickly learn that you can’t bring everything you own to school. Whether you’re sharing an apartment or packed into a teensy dorm room, space is usually at a premium. Knowing what clothes to bring to college can help, even if you rent a student storage unit. The goal is to prepare for...


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