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29 Jul
Small business office with supplies scattered around the room.
Small Business Supplies to Keep in the Office vs. Offsite

With numerous tech startups and other types of small businesses around the Grand Rapids metro, Kentwood, MI, is a pretty optimal place to become a business owner. In fact, a new report named Kentwood the best small city in Michigan for starting and running a company (even despite the strains of the pandemic).  But make...

22 Jun
Man struggling to carry three stacked moving boxes.
5 of the Biggest Moving and Packing Mistakes

With scores of packing and moving tips to keep in mind, it feels impossible to remember them all when it comes down to the wire. Sometimes, it’s more helpful to know a few common moving mistakes to avoid. From stacking boxes carelessly to failing to account for the storage space you need, Self Storage Specialists...

27 May
Man sitting on the floor on his laptop.
Self Storage Specialists Starts Contactless Online Renting

A Self Storage Business Puts Tenants First With Service & Safety has launched its 100% online rental experience. Potential tenants are now guided through the entire rental process: From selecting the location, size, and features of their unit to completing their reservation and signing the lease online. This completely contactless rental option gives tenants...

22 May
Man playing an electric guitar in a recording studio.
Space-Consuming Hobbies that Benefit from Self Storage

Depending on your hobbies, how you choose to spend your spare time might require additional space at home—whether for bulky outdoor equipment or clutter from DIY restoration projects. If you could use hobby storage ideas or simply some extra room in Clarkston, MI, there are many benefits of self storage for hobbies. Features such as...


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