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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Small Space Storage Tips

Whether your current home or apartment is what you would consider “cozy”, or you’re contemplating downsizing into a smaller living space, you might be worrying about ultimately running out of room to store your belongings. When your residence lacks “extra” storage spaces like an attic, basement or crawl space, keeping your home clear of clutter […]

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5 Easy Tips for an Organized Closet

If the closets in your home are in a complete state of disarray, you’re probably not alone. Closets can be one of the most difficult storage spaces to keep clean and organized, as they continually get filled with new belongings like clothes, shoes, purses and accessories. Maybe you’ve recently gone to hang up a new […]

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Storing Important Documents

According to a poll conducted by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, only 40% of people think that when they need an important document they’d be able to find it in just a moment’s notice. This means if a situation arose like a medical emergency or a theft, these people would be left scrambling to […]

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2015 Ann Arbor Art Fair

Every July, artists across the nation get ready to head to Southeastern Michigan for the Ann Arbor Art Fair. Established back in 1960 as the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, the event now hosts four award-winning Ann Arbor Art Fairs at the same time.  The 2015 Ann Arbor Art Fair will be held from July […]

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