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Empty Nesters and Self Storage

Life is full of changes; from moving into your first apartment, to getting married and purchasing a larger home, to the kids heading to college and leaving you with a ton of extra space. The need to reassess your belongings is an event you’ll undoubtedly face at one time or another, but especially when your […]

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The Benefits of Self Storage for Businesses

If you have a company looking to store extra files, supplies or equipment, self storage for businesses offers a perfect solution. Renting a self storage unit has become a cost-effective way for businesses to store documents, as well as excess inventory, furniture and electronics. Or, if your business is moving to a new location, using […]

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Tips for Winter Car Storage

Now that Halloween is over, it’s time to really embrace the fact that winter is on its way to Michigan. It’s technically still autumn for a few more weeks, but the reality is that the snowflakes will start falling (and accumulating!) any time now.  Many of our locations offer winter car storage, and there’s no […]

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How Secure is Your Self Storage Facility?

If you’re running out of room in your home for all your possessions or collections, renting a self storage unit is a perfect solution to gain back some extra space. When you store your belongings, regardless of whether you’re storing things long or short term, you want to make sure your items are protected. A […]

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Self Storage for Long Term Travel

Today, more and more people are traveling overseas for business for extended amounts of time. Likewise, many people are traveling great distances, calling themselves “location independent travelers”, seeing the world while not being tied down to belongings or a home. For these types of travelers, renting a self storage unit is a perfect place to […]

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Home Staging Tips

  When you have made the decision to sell your home, you need to make sure your home looks its best to prospective buyers. Focus on the strengths of your home and downplay the weaknesses in order to attract a larger number of buyers. This is why many realtors encourage their clients to stage their […]

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How Self Storage Can Help College Students

Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday that you were celebrating taking your last final and the end of the school year? It’s hard to believe how fast the summers seem to fly by. Just like spring and graduation season, back to school time is another time of transition for students and their families. It’s also […]

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The Self Storage Industry is Growing Worldwide!

Previously, we’ve talked about the history of self storage, but what are some of the more recent trends and statistics surrounding the self storage industry?  How much has it grown since the industry’s initial boom in the 1980s? According to the Self Storage Association, in 2013, it’s estimated that the self storage industry in the […]

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Get Organized with a Self Storage Unit

Now that summer is officially upon us, you’ve completed your spring cleaning tasks a while ago, so your home should hopefully still feel somewhat refreshed and tidy.  But…maybe not.  Maybe you started to the de-cluttering process and were quickly overwhelmed by all the “stuff” you own.  Maybe you gave up after a room or two. […]

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Self Storage for Outdoor Storage Space

Is your garage, or even your driveway, becoming overrun by your belongings- especially those larger ticket items like recreational vehicles, boats, motorcycles, or that classic car you keep saying you’re going to work on next? Maybe your neighbors have made comments about all the “stuff” in your yard, or perhaps your local government has regulations […]

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