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8 Essential Tips for Preparing Your House for Vacation

Are you planning a summer vacation? While it can be nice to get out of the house for a while, it’s common to worry about the safety of your home. We’ve compiled a list of tips for preparing your home for vacation that can help keep your mind at ease while you’re gone. Check them […]

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Summer Boat Checklist: Get Your Boat Ready for the Summer by Following These 5 Tips!

One of the main perks of living in Michigan is being surrounded by so many beautiful lakes. For boat owners, the close proximity to water can be even more attractive. Before you can spend the day cruising on the water, it is important to prepare your boat for the nice weather. Seasonal Boat Maintenance Tips […]

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5 Tips for Organizing Kids’ Toys on a Budget

Dolls, Legos, and action figures, oh my! Is your home constantly scattered with kids’ toys and games? We get it; we’ve been there too. Keeping your home organized when it feels like toys are taking over is no easy task, but we’re here to help! We’ve compiled a list of 5 easy toy organization and […]

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Gas Grill Winter Storage Tips

With the arrival of fall comes the time to start thinking about storing your grill for the winter months. In order to keep your grill running smoothly for next spring and summer, it is important to properly prepare your it for storage. Try out these grill storage tips! Tips for Storing a Grill for the […]

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Collectible Storage Tips

Being a collector takes a lot of work and dedication. You can spend months searching for the newest item for your collection, so shouldn’t you put as much effort into protecting it during storage? When you know a few key storage tips, protecting your items doesn’t have to be difficult. Try out these tips for […]

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Cleaning Out the Basement: How to Clear Out Items for a Loved One

The basement is often a messy and cluttered area used to store odds and ends of furniture, electronics, holiday decorations, and other items. While clearing out your own basement can seem like a daunting task, clearing out someone else’s may be even more intimidating. If an aging family member or friend is planning to downsize […]

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Sports Equipment Storage Solutions: Storing Baseball, Soccer

As the weather changes and temperatures start to drop, sports like baseball, soccer, and football begin winding down, and it becomes time to start planning how you will store your sports equipment for the upcoming winter months. By taking the time to prepare your equipment for the off-season and storage during the cold winter months, […]

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The Top Tips for Storing a Wedding Dress

While your wedding day may be over, the memories from your big day aren’t soon to be forgotten, and even though it may not seem like it right now, you’ll be happy you took the time to preserve and store your wedding dress when your memories of your big day aren’t as vivid. When preserved […]

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How to Store Antique Furniture

If you have antiques, you’re likely either an antique collector or they were passed down from generation to generation. Sometimes, situations arise where you are temporarily no longer able to display them and you need to be able to safely store them. Whether you are moving, remodeling, or renovating your home, storing your antiques is […]

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Garage Organization Tips for Spring

The garage is often used to store miscellaneous items you either don’t want to store in the home or don’t have room to store in the home. Unfortunately, this can lead to the garage quickly becoming too cluttered to remain a functional storage space for all those belongings – and your car! With spring and […]

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