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Monthly Archives: February 2018

Feng Shui Decorating Ideas and Tips for a More Organized Home

The ancient art of feng shui has been practiced in homes in China for thousands of years, but what is it? Good question. Feng shui teaches people to balance the energy in the various spaces of their lives in order to create harmony and to bring good fortune. Even if you don’t fully believe in […]

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Fun Indoor Winter Activities Near Detroit, Ann Arbor and the Surrounding Areas

Wouldn’t it be nice if the cold weather left with the holiday season? Well sadly, that isn’t the reality, and baby, it’s cold outside. This winter has set numerous records all across the United States. Between daily record low temperatures set from Florida through South Carolina, New York, Buffalo and of course, Flint, Michigan, it’s […]

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Getting Rid of Clutter: The 10 Things You Should Throw Out Now

Decluttering is hard. Sorting through all of your items to determine what you should hold onto and what is no longer needed is no easy task. To help you out, we put together a list of the items that should either be thrown out or recycled. How to Get Rid of Clutter: Throw Out These […]

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2018 Valentine’s Day Activities in Michigan

Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with a significant other, friends, or family members, this holiday is a great opportunity to celebrate all of the special people in your life. In Michigan, you and your loved ones can celebrate Valentine’s day on more than just 1 day by attending one or more of the following love-filled […]

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