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Monthly Archives: July 2014

The Self Storage Industry is Growing Worldwide!

Previously, we’ve talked about the history of self storage, but what are some of the more recent trends and statistics surrounding the self storage industry?  How much has it grown since the industry’s initial boom in the 1980s? According to the Self Storage Association, in 2013, it’s estimated that the self storage industry in the […]

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Get Organized with a Self Storage Unit

Now that summer is officially upon us, you’ve completed your spring cleaning tasks a while ago, so your home should hopefully still feel somewhat refreshed and tidy.  But…maybe not.  Maybe you started to the de-cluttering process and were quickly overwhelmed by all the “stuff” you own.  Maybe you gave up after a room or two. […]

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How to Safely Store Your Collectible Items

You already know that self storage offers a great solution to clearing out clutter in your home. But when it comes to self storage for collectible items such as family heirlooms, antiques and photographs, comic books and vinyl records, artwork, musical instruments, and toys, there are a few extra things to consider. First off, focus on […]

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Self Storage for Outdoor Storage Space

Is your garage, or even your driveway, becoming overrun by your belongings- especially those larger ticket items like recreational vehicles, boats, motorcycles, or that classic car you keep saying you’re going to work on next? Maybe your neighbors have made comments about all the “stuff” in your yard, or perhaps your local government has regulations […]

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