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How to Pack Your Self Storage Unit

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The decision has been made that you need a storage unit to store your “extra” personal belongings. You have done your research, know what size unit you require and have found the storage facility that fits all of your needs. The items being stored are packed and ready to go to the storage unit. How do you get the most optimal space out of your storage unit? If you pack and store your items properly in the storage unit, then you can get the most “bang for your buck” in renting the storage space. Packing your storage unit is an easy task once you get your items organized and ready.

Tips to Remember When Packing Your Self Storage Unit

1. Remember to label every box! Keeping things labeled helps when you need to retrieve a certain item. It makes the storing process much more organized.

2. Make sure that packed boxes are full and packed correctly. Fill in the extra spaces in the boxes with filler such as paper, towels, clothes and bubble wrap.

3. Properly seal the stored boxes with good packing tape. This will prevent dust and moisture from getting in and ruining your items!

4. Utilize empty spaces in furniture, shelving units and appliances for extra storage. Place small boxes and items on the shelves of shelving units. Put linens, towels and fragile items in the drawers of dressers. You can store smaller appliances and linens (such as blankets, comforters and pillows) inside clean and dry refrigerators and stoves. Leave the door of the stored appliance open during storage to prevent moisture from developing inside the appliance.

5. Don’t make a stored box heavier than 30lbs! Place large items such as pillows, blankets or lamp shades in larger boxes. Place books, plates or glassware in smaller, heavier and sturdier boxes.

6. Properly stack boxes in the self storage unit.  Place the heavier boxes at the bottom of the stack while placing the boxes with more fragile items on the top of the stack. Stack the same size boxes together. But, don’t stack the boxes too high or they could topple over!

7. Place larger items and least used belongings towards the back of the storage unit. Have the items that you will need to use the most towards the front of the storage unit. If possible, leave enough space in your storage unit to create a walk way to access your items.

8. Take apart tables and beds for storage. Wrap the legs together in bubble wrap or linens for protection. Make sure to attach the nuts, bolts and screws to the table or bed, so you can put the item back together after storage.

9. Use as much vertical space as possible in the storage unit. Stack chairs on top of one another for added space. Store mattresses and couches standing up to give more storage room in the unit.

10. Protect your belongings. To protect belongings such as furniture or mattresses from dust, dirt or moisture, use furniture covers and mattress covers.  Place protective covering on the storage unit floor to protect your belongings. If needed, utilize moisture absorbers, deodorizers and vermin traps. Self Storage Specialists offer plenty of packing and moving supplies for all your needs!

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  1. Cheryl Smith Posted September 23, 2015 at 9:45 pm | Permalink

    We had to move a few months ago. Taking advantage of the extra space in the couch helped to save a lot of room. We also used the refrigerator to store some of our smaller items. Being able to have that little extra room allowed us to fit everything into one unit.

  2. Anna Picket Posted February 10, 2016 at 1:26 am | Permalink

    Storing my couch on its end would save quite a bit of space in storage. We will have to do that so we can stack as many boxes around it as possible. I want to make sure that everything fits in there with enough space to get around in there after we’re done. It would make it so much easier to find things (in our labeled boxes) if we could get around in there.

  3. Megan Earl Posted July 6, 2016 at 3:17 pm | Permalink

    If you want to make the most out of your storage unit, packing it correctly is a must! I love your first tip about remembering to label every box. My parents are in the process of moving right now and they are having a very hard time keeping things organized and knowing where everything is. I think labeling everything would help them a ton!

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