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Tips for Storing Musical Instruments

musical instrument storageMusical instruments are an investment that can last a lifetime if properly maintained. Whether you’re in a garage band and need extra space to store your drum kit, amps and guitars or want to pass down your piano, violin or tuba to future generations, keeping your items safe and accessible in a self storage unit is a great idea for those with little storage space in the home.

As instruments are made of wood, metal, or leather, they can be very sensitive to certain weather conditions, like high temperatures and/or humidity levels. Therefore, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to musical instrument and equipment storage.

4 Musical Instrument Storage Tips

First, always follow any manufacturers’ instructions for storing instruments, as they will include tips like how to specifically clean and prepare them for storage. Then, keep the following musical instrument storage tips in mind:

Rent a climate controlled storage unit.

Since a climate controlled storage unit keeps both the temperature and humidity at constant levels, you can rest assured that your instruments will stay in good shape while in storage. Remember, humidity is an especially big problem when it comes to musical instrument storage, as high humidity can warp or deform wood. Plus extreme cold, dry temperatures can cause cracks in the instruments.

Properly clean and condition the instruments.

Get instruments ready for storage by taking them apart, removing reeds or mouthpieces on wood instruments and cleaning everything thoroughly. Likewise, relax the strings on guitars, violins or other stringed instruments, and condition drums with oil.

Store in original cases.

Cases for musical instruments are manufactured to fit and protect the instruments perfectly. Make sure the inside of the cases are clean and that they aren’t showing any signs of damage or fraying. Furthermore, once in the storage unit, cases should be kept off the floor on a pallet or shelving, away from vents and direct sunlight. For more protection, consider covering the cases with padding or tarps to keep dust away.

Be careful when unpacking.

After instruments have been stored for an extended amount of time, they’ll need some cleaning and tuning before they’ll be able to make beautiful music once again. In fact, the longer the musical instrument has been in storage, the more care it will need. Check for any damage like cracked joints, corrosion or discoloration, and if they do need some professional service, take them in right away to avoid expensive problems in the future.

If you have questions about musical equipment storage, make sure to talk to a self storage professional for guidance. The facility manager can often offer some great advice to ensure your instruments stay safe in your self storage unit.

Self Storage Specialists have a variety of sizes of storage units available at our locations in Michigan and Ohio for any of your household or business storage needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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How to Stay Organized Through Winter

winter organization tipsWe’ll be welcoming the arrival of spring this year on March 20, so whether we like it or not, we still have a solid month of winter left ahead of us. Throughout the winter, it’s fairly easy for our homes to get messy and cluttered, especially when we’re spending so much time indoors. However, keeping an organized home doesn’t have to feel like an unattainable goal while the weather is so frightful!

5 Winter Organization Tips for a Clutter-Free Home

Don’t wait until the weather warms up to get the home in order! Here are five easy winter organization tips to get started on now:

1)     Create a calendar for household tasks. Get loved ones involved in the home organization and cleaning process by creating a monthly calendar of chores. Include tasks like sorting laundry into baskets and putting away clean clothes, keeping dishes washed, dried and back in the cabinets, recycling newspapers and magazines, plus regular cleaning like dusting and vacuuming. Bonus points for color-coding chores assigned to specific people or rooms!

2)     Tackle the hallway closet. It’s not uncommon for the hallway closet to get jammed with coats, hats, scarves, gloves, etc. to the point where opening the door results in an avalanche of these items. Keep the closet organized by only storing the coats the family is wearing throughout the winter in it; lighter, seasonal jackets can go in your self storage unit until the seasons change. Then, get some plastic bins to keep accessories sorted together on the floor or the top shelf, so the next time someone is looking for a pair of gloves they actually will be stored in the same place, together.

3)     Make a space for soggy clothes & shoes. Keep the winter weather outside where it belongs by designating a space for wet coats, hats & shoes to go. If you’ve got an entryway or mud room, ideas like hanging hooks on the wall for coats and installing a shoe rack for boots to sit on until they dry will help keep all that sogginess from getting tracked through the entire house. Plus, you don’t want to leave wet articles of clothing in a heap on the floor, as they can become moldy and stinky quickly.

4)     Get crafty. Winter is a perfect time to stay inside and put your crafty hat on to start some creative projects you’ve been putting off.As an extra bonus, you’ll get rid of the clutter these “I’ll get to them someday” types of projects have been creating. There’s no time like the present to get photos into albums or frames, finish knitting that sweater for grandma’s birthday, organize a child’s toy collection by type of toy, sew missing buttons back on shirts and pants, and more.

5)     Keep like items together for storage. Finally, get items ready to go into your self storage unit so quick trips can be made as often as needed. This will help clear the home of excess clutter to ensure it’s staying as organized as possible no matter the time of year. Then, when the warmer weather does arrive, your spring cleaning tasks won’t seem quite as overwhelming, too!

Self Storage Specialists have a variety of sizes of storage units available at our locations in Michigan and Ohio to help you stay organized through the rest of the winter. Contact us today to learn more.

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Detroit is for Lovers: Valentine’s Day 2017

how to spend valentine's day 2017 in detroitOver the years, celebrating Valentine’s Day can start to feel like the same old, same old. Giving flowers or chocolates, having dinner at your favorite restaurant; while these are all nice ways to show your significant other how much you care, sometimes it’s good to think a little bit outside of the box.

Luckily, there are plenty of creative, fun and romantic ways to spend this Valentine’s Day in Detroit!

How to Spend Valentine’s Day 2017 in Detroit

If you’re looking for innovative ways to spend Valentine’s Day 2017 in the greater Detroit metropolitan area or throughout Michigan, here are some ideas for couples to consider:

Hit the slopes. The state of Michigan actually ranks second in the nation for the number of ski areas found across the state- 51 total! Take advantage of the chilly winter weather and hit the slopes, whether you like downhill skiing or cross country. Then, warm up in the lodge over a hot beverage together.

Head to the Detroit Zoo. The Detroit Zoo hosts their annual Valentine’s Day event, Love Gone Wild, on February 14, which offers an intimate glance into the love lives of the many animals that call the zoo home. This 21 and older event welcomes both singles and couples to enjoy not only the animals, but drinks and hors d’oeuvres, too.

Enjoy a some live music. Going to a concert is a great idea for a great date, and luckily, you’re sure to find an event that suits the tastes of both you and your significant other in the Detroit area, whether you’re looking to rock out or chill out. Here’s a list of some great concerts to check out for the perfect Valentine’s Day date.  

Share dinner with a view. Try something new this year- like having dinner at Coach Insignia, where you can take in views of the sparkling Detroit skyline, the river and Canada. However, make your reservations sooner rather than later! If the restaurant is totally booked for Valentine’s Day, try a pre- or post-Valentine’s Day date.

Indulge in local culinary eats and drinks. Do you love all things Michigan? Then head to the Royal Oak Farmer’s Market on Saturday, February 11 for the Michigan Love Celebration to taste treats from local food trucks, breweries, and distilleries. Or, here’s a list of some of the best breweries in Michigan to try some local craft beers. Fan of grapes instead? Try these Michigan wineries with your loved one.

Go ice skating. The Rink at Campus Martius Park is always a great place to head for date night. Weather permitting, the Rink is open through March 5, so get there and skate the night away with your significant other.

Plan a romantic spring getaway. If venturing out or traveling during the cold season isn’t really your thing, surprise your loved one by planning a spring getaway. Michigan.org sums up some of the best vacation packages and deals in the state for hotels, dining and attractions.

How will you spend this Valentine’s Day in Detroit?

Self Storage Specialists have a variety of sizes of storage units available at our locations in Michigan and Ohio for all your household and business storage needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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Seniors and Self Storage

benefits of self storage when moving seniorsIn 2011, the baby boomer generation began hitting age 65, which means a huge population of the United States—over 76 million people—are now entering their senior years. With advanced age often comes an array of chronic conditions or health issues that can make moving into an assisted living community a necessary option, not only for safety reasons, but also to ensure these seniors are enjoying the highest overall quality of life possible.

When it comes time for seniors to move, packing up a house full of belongings can seem like an overwhelming task. This is why utilizing self storage units can offer some great benefits to help alleviate some of the stress seniors may associate with planning a move.

The Benefits of Self Storage Units for Seniors

For seniors, parting with the items they’ve acquired over a lifetime can be an incredibly difficult chore. Each belonging is a memory of time gone by, of things they’ve done or places they’ve been. Or, some items even remind them of those who are no longer with them, of a beloved spouse or friend who has already passed away. Most seniors are also faced with the probability of much less storage space in their new residence, and making tough decisions about what items to part with while planning their move only adds to the difficulty of the situation.

Moving seniors doesn’t have to be so stressful; after all, these seniors will be living in a new community that will provide the appropriate level of care they need, as well as offer wonderful amenities like assistance with yardwork, housework, daily meals, and so much more. Plus, self storage can help in a variety of way, including:


When seniors downsize to a smaller living space, it’s possible they’d like to designate some of their belongings to family or friends. However, these loved ones may not have the storage space needed in their current homes just yet, especially for larger items like furniture or appliances. Seniors can rent self storage units for these types of items until their loved ones are ready to take them to their own homes.

Emergency Senior Relocation

Sometimes, due to emergency health issues, seniors need to be relocated quickly before any type of decisions about their belongings can be made. In these situations, family members may need to put their loved one’s home on the market for financial reasons, too; especially if the senior will not be returning home. Renting a self storage unit to store belongings until decisions can be made about where the items will go or until they can be sold in a garage sale helps with home staging to ensure a quicker sale.


Finally, seniors who rent self storage units enjoy peace of mind that their belongings are in a secure environment. Cherished, delicate family heirlooms, furniture or antiques can be stored in a climate controlled storage unit to keep them safe from damage. Plus, most self storage facilities offer security features like computerized gate access, 24/7 camera monitoring and door alarms.

Self Storage Specialists have a variety of sizes of storage units available at our locations in Michigan and Ohio for all your moving and household storage needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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Winter Home Comfort Tips

winter home comfort tipsAfter a long day, there’s nothing quite like coming home to a cozy, warm house, especially throughout these brutal winter months. Michigan in the winter can be particularly nasty, so you want to make sure your home is a comfortable haven until the weather breaks in the spring.

Plus, spending so much time in cold, dry air can lead to a variety of health issues, like frequently getting colds and/or the flu, and itchy, dry skin. Taking a few extra steps to ensure your home comfort levels are where they should be can not only improve your family’s happiness, but can improve their health, too.

Indoor Comfort Tips for the Winter Months

Instead of piling extra blankets on the bed or layering up in heavy sweaters and socks, here are just a few ways to ensure the best home comfort for your family this winter:

Check home humidity levels.

Increasing the humidity levels by using a humidifier offers a variety of benefits in homes that have dry air. For example, raising the humidity can improve overall air quality, decrease the risk for illnesses, alleviate allergy and asthma symptoms, and even help keep your skin soft and smooth. Plus, dry air can even cause the paint on your walls to crack or wallpaper to start peeling away in corners.

Look for drafts.

Common drafty areas in the home include doors, windows, and leaky ductwork. If you notice cold air seeping in in any of these places in your home, add or replace the current weather stripping to keep the warm air in and the cool air out. Leaky ducts can be properly plugged with adhesive.

Utilize your programmable thermostat.

If you have a programmable thermostat installed, winter is one of the best times to make good use of it. Increase home comfort by setting the thermostat according to your family’s schedule, which will allow the house to be warm and cozy when you arrive home from work or school. Plus, since your furnace will only run when it needs to, you’ll notice a considerable savings on your home energy bills, too!

Inspect the insulation.

Did you know your home loses the most heat through the ceiling of the top floor? This is why going into the attic to check on your current insulation is key for indoor comfort throughout the chilly winter months. Your insulation should be at least six to seven inches thick, so if you notice it looking old, worn and thin, it’s time to replace it.

Schedule furnace maintenance.

If your furnace isn’t working up to its potential, having a professional come and perform an inspection is a good idea this time of year. Maybe you’ve noticed the air coming from the vents isn’t feeling as warm as it should, or the unit outside is making some strange noises from time to time. A professional will check all the components, repair or replace any damaged parts, and will make sure your furnace is running as efficiently as it should when you need it most.

Self Storage Specialists have a variety of sizes of storage units available at our locations in Michigan and Ohio for all your household storage needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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All About Campus Martius Park

Campus Martius Park DetroitLocated at the intersection of Woodward Avenue and Michigan Avenues in downtown Detroit sits Campus Martius Park, a 2.5-acre public square and year-round entertainment venue. Campus Martius has long been known as a regional destination, featuring a mix of historical architecture, retail outlets, amazing restaurants, and is the home to businesses like Compuware and the Quicken Loans Headquarters.

The Campus Martius Park district is a two-square block district located in the heart of downtown Detroit. The park is where the “point of origin” of Detroit’s coordinate system was created, which is marked by a medallion embedded in a stone walkway.

The History of Campus Martius Park

Campus Martius means “military ground”, and in 1788 the park served as a drill ground for militia training. Named after Campus Martius in Marietta, Ohio, a 180-foot stockade, the original park covered several acres and became a gathering place for residents. After the Great Fire of 1805 leveled Detroit to the ground, Judge Augustus Woodward was appointed to oversee the rebuilding of the city, and he chose the nation’s capital as inspiration for his design.

This is how Campus Martius Park became the “point of origin”. All the major avenues in the city radiate out from this point; 7 Mile Road lies exactly seven miles north of Campus Martius, 8 Mile Road is eight miles north, and so on.

In 1847, the city’s common council filled the park with 100 yards of earth to allow the low and marshy area to be developed properly. After the Civil War, Campus Martius was selected as the location for the Michigan Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument of the American Civil War.

Over the years, Campus Martius began to fall into disrepair. By the late 1990s, a task force was developed by Detroit mayor Dennis Archer to revitalize the park and make it the best public space in the world. By fall of 2003, the reconstruction plan was approved, and was completed in November 2004.

Campus Martius Events All Year Long

Today, Campus Martius Park hosts a variety of events and activities throughout the year that draw impressive crowds from all over the country. It’s also a great place for residents to gather, relax, meet friends, enjoy a meal or the gardens, and take in the Detroit skyline.

In the summer, visitors can enjoy performances and entertainment on the two stages at either end of the north lawn. Botanical gardens surround the perimeter of the park for year-round color, and waterwalls line the western edge of the north and south sitting gardens. The centerpiece of Campus Martius is the Woodward Fountain, with around 100 water jets that are active throughout the year. Activities like movie nights, yoga classes, food trucks, live music and more fill Campus Martius’s event calendar throughout the summer months.

In the winter, guests can head to The Rink, the outdoor family-friendly skating rink, which is open seven days a week and holidays. Or, take a brisk walk and take in the monuments, drink some hot cocoa or enjoy a meal at one of the many nearby restaurants.

What’s your favorite activity or event at Campus Martius Park?

Self Storage Specialists have a variety of sizes of storage units available at our locations in Michigan and Ohio for all your household storage needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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How to Store a Christmas Tree

how to store a christmas treeFor most people, putting up the Christmas tree is a family tradition, from who gets the tree out of storage and assembles all the branches to who hangs the garland and the ornaments. Everyone enjoys the finished product, but once New Year’s Day has come and gone, it’s time to get the tree undecorated and back into storage until next year.

People choose artificial Christmas trees for a variety of reasons. Maybe you live in an apartment or condominium where real trees are prohibited, or someone suffers from allergies. Or, maybe you just don’t want the aggravation of cleaning up pine needles from your floor for a month! Artificial trees are convenient and after the initial purchase, help save you money for years to come. This is why making sure you know how to store a Christmas tree properly is so important; you’ll want to keep the tree damage-free and looking as nice as possible every holiday season.

Christmas Tree Storage Ideas and Tips

First of all, you should consider where you’re storing your Christmas tree. Some trees can be quite large, and you don’t want to simply cram it into a corner in the garage or on a shelf in the basement, as it can easily get squashed from too much pressure or other items on top of it. This is where renting a self storage unit can be useful- store large items like your Christmas tree and other seasonal items you only need certain times of the year.

Storing a Fully Assembled Christmas Tree

If you can store your Christmas tree fully assembled, this is one of the easiest and most convenient options possible. This way, you’ll simply need to remove it from storage and set it up in your home next season. However, going this route will mean you need a large storage space, and you’ll also need to protect the tree from dust and dirt while it’s being stored.

One Christmas tree storage option is to purchase a storage bag designed specifically for the purpose or storing your fully assembled tree. Plus, some of these bags have wheels to make moving the tree in and out of storage simple. These bags come in a variety of sizes, from small to extra-large, so make sure you get the size that’s best for your tree.

Before placing your fully assembled Christmas tree into storage, don’t forget to inspect it for broken branches or burnt out bulbs if it’s a pre-lit tree.

Disassembling a Christmas Tree for Storage

A much more common way to store a Christmas tree is to completely disassemble it before putting it away for the year. This makes the tree a bit easier to store, but you should take a few steps before shoving all those branches back into the box, such as:

  • Use the original box if possible. The original boxes are usually fairly sturdy and have handles to make them easier to lift and move. If you no longer have the original box or it got damaged, use rubber or plastic storage bins that are large enough to hold all the sections of the tree.
  • Take the tree apart a section a time. As you start taking the tree down, remove each section, or each branch, and compress them firmly to preserve the needles. Remove the top first and work your way down.
  • Keep like-sized sections together. To stay as organized as possible and make setting up the tree easier next year, keep similar sized branches or sections stored in the same bin.
  • Organize the hardware. Any nuts, bolts or screws should be kept in a plastic bag and placed inside the storage bin. Consider taping this bag to the tree stand so you know exactly where all those small pieces are next year.

Self Storage Specialists have a variety of sizes of storage units available at our locations in Michigan and Ohio for all your holiday storage needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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Keeping New Year’s Resolutions to Get Organized

new year's resolutions to get organizedEvery year, one of the top New Year’s resolutions made by many is to get the home organized. We get tired of all the piles of clutter in the corners, clothes we never wear, and stacks of magazines we clearly won’t ever get to read. So, what better way to welcome in a fresh year than to make a resolution to start organizing the home?

However, it’s not uncommon for people to abandon their New Year’s resolutions before the last piece of confetti from the party is swept up. According to StatisticBrain.com, only 8 percent of those who make resolutions end up keeping them. This is due to the fact that we may set lofty goals we honestly have no intention of keeping, or we simply don’t hold ourselves accountable. But, keeping our homes tidy and organized is important, especially to reduce the stress in our busy lives.

Organization Tips for a Clutter-Free New Year

After the hectic holiday season, January really is a great time to get back into your routine. Or, better yet, start a new routine! By making some small changes in your daily life, organizing your home- and keeping it that way- really is possible.

Here are a few organization tips to keep your home tidy the whole year through:

Clear the clutter by starting small. Remember what we said about lofty goals? In the case of organizing your home, it’s unrealistic to think you’ll be able to tackle all those projects in a week. Even setting your goal to have the home organized by the end of the month could be stretching it! Instead, start with smaller projects, like the junk drawer in the kitchen or the hallway coat closet. As you start seeing some progress, you’ll be motivated to keep moving forward.

Sort and label everything. As you’re clearing out clutter, designate what will be kept, what will get tossed, and what needs to go in storage. Sort items by season, room of the home, type of item, etc.—any system that will allow you to find things easily when you need them.

Decide what can go in a self storage unit. Purging the clutter may leave you with more storage space within your home for the items you need access to on a daily basis, however, some belongings can easily go in a self storage unit for safekeeping until you need them. Determine what size unit will best store all your belongings; for instance, a 5×5 foot unit can hold plenty of boxes and even some small furniture.

Set a regular cleaning schedule. Now that the floors and surfaces of your home are clutter-free, keeping them that way should be a priority. Make a daily, weekly and monthly list of chores and stick to it. Make sure everyone in the home is dedicated to keeping things neat; in fact, it’s a good idea to assign tasks to family members. This way, everyone has a vested interest in cleaning and organizing home. The less often these chores are completed, the more time it will take in the long run when you do get to them!

Reward yourself. Another easy way to stay motivated to stick to your New Year’s resolution to get organized is to allow little treats for you and your family as the clutter gets cleared away. Enjoy a family movie night in your newly organized living room, or, when a large project is completed, buy that new piece of furniture you’ve been coveting.

Self Storage Specialists have a variety of sizes of storage units available at our locations in Michigan and Ohio to help you keep your New Year’s resolutions for the home this year. Contact us today to learn more.

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5 Tips for Making Charitable Donations

Holiday Donation TipsEnding the year by making charitable donations helps those in need during this special season. Throughout the holidays, people find ways to dig a little deeper into their pockets and donate to causes they find worthy. Or, perhaps you donate items you’re no longer using in your home, or even simply donate your time in a soup kitchen. However you choose to make holiday donations this year, know that there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure you’re getting the most benefits yourself, too.

Making Holidays Donations for Those in Need

The famous saying “it’s better to give than to receive” tends to ring true this time of year. While we all enjoy getting gifts from loved ones, there’s nothing quite like giving to others. Think about how good it feels when you find that perfect gift for someone, and how you can’t wait to see the expression on their face when they open it. Giving to those less fortunate can have the same effect, knowing that you’re providing something that is much needed that they may not have otherwise received.

However, make smart charitable donations by following these tips:

1)     Avoid scams. Unfortunately, scammers are out everywhere this time of year, preying on those with big hearts. Make sure to verify that the charity you’ve decided to donate to is legitimate by checking with the Better Business Bureau’s Give.org website. Never make a charitable donation over the phone, as many scammers will choose names that are similar to well-known organizations– but may do nothing more than profit the person on the other end of the line.

2)     Choose a cause close to your heart. Think about the type of charity you’d like to donate to before signing that check. Perhaps you’re concerned about the environment and want to make the world a better place for future generations. Or, maybe cancer research is important to you, or animal welfare. You can donate locally, nationally or even internationally; it simply depends on where your passion lies.

3)     Decide what to donate. Along with choosing what organization to make your holiday donation to, decide what exactly it is you’d like to donate. Of course, money is always welcome and is probably easiest to give, but other easy donations include new, unopened toys for Toys for Tots or new coats to Coats for Kids. Or, donate a few cases of canned dog or cat food to your local animal shelter, or clothing to a local women’s shelter.

4)     Don’t spread the wealth too thin. Determine what your financial budget is for monetary donations. The average person usually donates about 2 percent of their annual income, and once you’ve made some charitable donations you’re bound to get requests for more. Experts recommend focusing on one charity, as your donations will go a bit further on one rather than spreading your funds here and there.

5)     Keep your receipts for tax time. Finally, don’t forget to keep your receipts from any donations you give, whether it’s throughout the year or during the holiday season. You can itemize these donations at tax time from any qualified charitable organization.

Self Storage Specialists have a variety of sizes of storage units available at our locations in Michigan and Ohio for all your holiday storage needs. Contact us today to learn more.


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Celebrate the Holiday Season in Detroit

holidays in detroit

photo courtesy thehenryford.com

Have you found your holiday spirit yet? Well, never fear, because the holidays in Detroit are a truly magical time of year! No matter what type of activities you and your family enjoy, you’ll find no shortage of events in the metro Detroit area perfect to get you excited for Santa’s arrival.

Head to These Exciting Detroit Holiday Events

Winter Magic Weekends at Campus Martius Park

Fridays and Saturdays through the 17th of December, Campus Martius Park is hosting their Magic Winter Weekends. You’ll want to leave the kids at home for this Detroit holiday event as it is 21 and over only. You still have one final weekend to take in Detroit’s best bands, amazing food from local restaurants, and delicious holiday beverages, so if you missed the past four weekends, you don’t want to wait any longer! Of course, you can always enjoy family-friendly fun at Campus Martius Park by going on a carriage ride or ice skating on the outdoor rink throughout the rest of December, too.

Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland

The holiday would not be complete without a trip to Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth! Wear your best walking shoes, as the store is the size of one and a half football fields, and surround yourself with all the sights and sounds of the season. Plus, you might even find that perfect gift for someone special!

Holiday Shows at the Fox Theater

On December 18th, the Fox Theater presents the Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker, a beloved holiday treat for those of all ages. But that’s not the holiday-themed performance at the Fox Theater. You can also check out Mannheim Steamroller’s annual jingle-bell filled tour on December 16th, or A Christmas Story, running December 20-24.

Holiday Nights at Greenfield Village

This popular Detroit holiday event allows you to step back in time, taking a lantern-lit journey featuring live music, skating, fireworks, the scent of roasting chestnuts and the sounds of merry carolers. Holiday Nights at Greenfield Village is one of the most popular holiday events for families in the entire region, and it runs through the end of December.

Wild Lights at the Detroit Zoo

No holiday season in Detroit would be complete without a trip to the Detroit Zoo for their annual Wild Lights event! This spectacular light display runs through December 31 and features more than five million LED lights illuminating trees, buildings and animals sculptures throughout the front half of the zoo. Plus, carousel rides and photos with Santa will be available for purchase, too.

Take a Trip along Lake Shore Drive

Hop in the car and drive to Grosse Pointe to take in all the amazing light displays along Lake Shore Drive. Many of the houses have specific themes or lights set to music, all ready to dazzle travelers from the warmth of their cars.

For a full list of holiday events in Detroit and surrounding areas, check out this list!

Self Storage Specialists have a variety of sizes of storage units available at our locations in Michigan and Ohio for all your holiday storage needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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