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The Top Patio Furniture Storage Tips for the Winter

A patio furniture set improperly stored outside covered in snowThe Top Patio Furniture Storage Tips for the Winter

As the days get shorter and the nights get cooler, it is time to start thinking about storing your patio furniture for the winter. Gone are the nights of cooking out with family and friends – at least for this year. If you properly prepare your patio furniture to keep it in good condition, you’ll enjoy plenty of nights outside next summer.

How to Properly Store Patio Furniture

Utilize these tips to protect your patio furniture while it’s in your storage unit over the winter:

  1. Check the Manufacturer Approved Instructions: It is important to remember that patio furniture can be made from a variety of materials, and each may require a different level of care before going into storage. To ensure you are preparing your furniture for storage using the best techniques for your specific furniture, follow all manufacturer approved instructions. If you no longer have your furniture box and instructions, consult the manufacturer directly to see what is recommended.
  2. Properly Clean all Furniture and Furniture Cushions: Any food that is leftover on your cushions or furniture will cause damage during storage. If you don’t properly clean your patio furniture and cushions before storing them, you may have a mold-fest come summer time. If the manufacturer permits it, consider scrubbing furniture cushions with a solution of bleach and water to kill off any mold or mildew before it can spread.
  3. Store your Furniture and Cushions in a Dry Environment: If moisture gets trapped with your furniture and furniture cushions during storage, it can result in mold, mildew or rust forming. Store your furniture and cushions in a location free from any moisture that can result in damage.
  4. Cover Furniture with a Cloth Tarp: If you are storing your furniture in a shed or basement, consider covering it with a cloth tarp. While it is smart to cover furniture in storage, using a plastic tarp will trap moisture in with the furniture. This creates a breeding ground for more mold and mildew. A cloth tarp will allow moisture to escape, preventing damaging mold and mildew from forming.
  5. Check Up on Furniture and Cushions: When you’re storing items for a long period of time, the worst mistake you can make is to leave your items unattended. To prevent any extensive damage from occurring, regularly check up on your patio furniture and cushions while they’re in storage. Take note and deal with any minor damage that has occurred during these check-ins, instead of waiting until the end of the season when the condition has most likely worsened.

Are You Looking for a Place to Store Your Patio Furniture?

If you do not have a place to store your patio furniture that will keep it away from moisture and dangerous winter elements, consider utilizing a storage unit. A storage unit will keep your patio furniture out of the way while still being stored in an ideal location. Self Storage Specialists have a variety of sizes of storage units available throughout our self storage locations in both Michigan and Ohio. Either contact us or stop by and talk to our professional staff about any of your household storage needs.

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Short and Long Term Vehicle Storage Solutions

A man washes his car to prepare it for storage If you are looking to store your vehicle, whether for the winter or to make more room in your garage at home, there are a few precautionary steps to take to ensure your vehicle is removed from storage in the same condition as it was placed. The degree of preparation required before placing a vehicle into storage depends on how long the vehicle will be stored/there. A vehicle that will only be stored for a few weeks to a month will require much less preparation than a vehicle that will be stored for a few months to a year.

The Top Automobile Storage Tips to Protect Your Investment

Before storing your vehicle, it is necessary to get it ready to remain in the storage unit for a length of time. Remember, the better your vehicle is prepared for storage, the better chance there is that it will be in the same great condition when you remove it.

Prepare your prized possession by following these vehicle storage tips:

  1. Store Your Vehicle in a Garage, Shed or Vehicle Storage Unit: First, consider the location of where the vehicle is to be stored. It’s recommended to store your vehicle in a covered location to protect it from damage caused by the elements as well as to maintain a relatively steady range of temperatures. Examples of this would be a shed or a garage. If you do not have a shed or garage to store your vehicle in, consider utilizing a storage unit. For extra protection, a climate controlled storage unit would be a good option to protect your vehicle from damaging fluctuations in temperature and humidity.
  2. Change the Oil: If you are only storing your vehicle for a few weeks, skip this step. If you are storing your vehicle for a month or longer, change the oil in your vehicle. Used oil has contaminants that can damage your engine during storage.
  3. Refill Your Gas Tank: Refilling the gas tank will keep moisture from getting trapped inside of your tank. If you are planning on storing your vehicle for a few months, add a fuel stabilizer to your tank before refilling it. A fuel stabilizer will prevent rust and oxidation from developing inside of your tank.
  4. Prevent Battery from Losing Charge: If a battery isn’t being used, it can lose its charge. One way to prevent this is to have someone drive your car for 15 minutes every other week. Since this isn’t always possible, you can also consider disconnecting the battery and storing it in a climate controlled area to prevent rust or cracking. Another option is to use a trickle charger to deliver enough electrical power to keep the battery charged.
  5. Clean the Vehicle: As a general rule of thumb, you never want to store an item that is dirty. This is also true for vehicle storage. Any water stains, bird droppings, salt or bugs left on the car can result in damage to the paint during storage. Additionally, clean the underside of fenders and wheels to remove any dirt or grease. An overall wax can help to protect the vehicle during storage. Don’t forget to clean the inside of the vehicle. Any crumbs or food should be removed to prevent mice and vermin from making a home inside of your vehicle.
  6. Prevent Flat Spots from Forming: The weight of a vehicle on its tires for an extended period of time can cause flat spots to form. To prevent flat spots, drive your car periodically while it’s in storage. If someone is unable to drive your vehicle or you are planning on storing it for longer than a month, consider removing the tires and using a car jack.

Are You Looking for a Vehicle Storage Unit?

If you’re looking for a place to store your vehicle, consider a storage unit. A storage unit will keep your vehicle from being damaged by dangerous elements. Self Storage Specialists has a variety of sizes of storage units available throughout our self storage locations in Michigan and Ohio. Stop by and talk to our professional staff about any of your household and business storage needs.

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The Best Off-Season Clothing Storage Tips to Keep You Organized

Girl sorting through closet and removing summer clothes for storage As the nights get colder, you may be finding yourself reaching past your sleeveless, summery tops for your fall and winter sweaters. It’s pretty clear that although we’d like to hold onto summer for as long as we can, it’s time to start thinking about transitioning your wardrobe from summer wear to fall. Taking the time to swap out those summery clothes for your bulkier sweaters and jeans will help save you time getting ready everyday and keep you organized all winter long.

  1. Only Store Clean Clothes: Before storing your clothes, make sure they are clean. Vermin can be attracted to the smell of body odors or deodorant, making an unattended box of clothes an appealing nesting ground. Also, don’t forget that any light stains on your clothes before storage will be completely set in by the time you remove them from storage
  2. Label All Boxes: This tip will benefit you time and time again. There is nothing more frustrating than when you need one particular item in a box, but are forced to dig through the contents of all of the boxes in order to find it. Save yourself some time and make your life easier by labeling all of your boxes with exactly what types of clothing items they contain.
  3. Don’t Use Old Boxes from Grocery Stores: Oftentimes when boxes are needed for moving or storing, people will want to head to their local grocery store for free boxes. However, this is not a smart solution for long-term storage, as the boxes may have leftover food or moisture in them which could ruin your clothes. Store your items in clean, dry boxes.
  4. Recycle Summer Items for the Fall: If done properly, items like dark colored summer dresses, bags and cardigans can often be transitioned into fall wear. Layer a summer dress with a pair of tights and a jacket or cardigan. Pair a dark bag with a light-colored fall sweater. The opportunities are endless. This can keep you fashionable in both the fall and the summer at an affordable price. Just make sure you have room in your closet for these additional items!
  5. Store Your Items in a Safe Location: All your hard work of preparing your items for storage will go to waste if you store your boxes in a poor location. Over time, direct sunlight and moisture can be detrimental to clothes, causing permanent damage. Store your boxes in a dry location that is out of direct sunlight.

Self Storage Specialists is Here for Your Storage Needs

If you are in need of a place to store your clothes that will keep them out of the way but in a secure location and free from moisture and sunlight, consider a storage unit. At Self Storage Specialists, we have storage units starting at 5X5 square feet and spanning to 10X30 square feet. This means that whether you are looking to store a few summery items, or your entire family’s summer wardrobe, we have you covered. We have locations throughout Michigan and Ohio so stop in today for a tour!

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Experience the Colors of Fall in Michigan

A gorgeous Michigan road in the fallThere’s nothing quite like fall. The beautiful red, orange, and yellow leaves blowing in the brisk October air is enough to make anyone decorate their home with pumpkins and cornstalks in celebration of the season. It’s a truly glorious time in the state of Michigan, and you don’t want to miss out on exploring some of the most beautiful fall foliage the state has to offer.

The Best Places to See Fall Foliage in Michigan

Whether you live in Michigan and are looking for a weekend road trip or are just stopping through, fall drives are sure to get you excited for the season! We’ve rounded up a few of the most beautiful areas to experience fall in Michigan at its finest, all from the comfort of your car! Don’t be afraid to get out and explore these areas, too.

Old Mission Peninsula M-37

This 22-mile stretch that begins just north of Traverse City and ends in Grand Traverse Bay is lined with gorgeous fall colors, wineries and a view of the water on both the east and west. The drive down M-37 will take around an hour to complete, perfect for any weekday or weekend afternoon. Consider stopping at one of the wineries that run along the sides of the road or at the Grand Traverse Lighthouse.

Pure Michigan Byway

Nicknamed the Sunrise Coast, this road on U.S. 23 begins in Standish and connects to Mackinaw City. The Sunrise Coast is 200 miles long and can take 4 hours to drive, so plan a weekend trip and stop to see the Tawas Point Lighthouse along the way!

The Tunnel of Trees M-119

If the name hasn’t sold you already, Pond Hill Farm sits on this windy road and is one of the best places to see fall foliage. Pond Hill Road has activities for kids and a winery and brewery for adults. Good Hart General Store, known for its deli and bakery, and Sturgeon Bay Dunes are also must-visit spots not far from M-119.


The M-22 drive promises to have some of the prettiest fall colors you will ever see. This drive is 116 miles long and will take you through Manistee, Benzie, and Leelanau Counties. While the full drive will only take you a few hours to complete, be sure to schedule additional hours to explore the unique towns, climb the Sleeping Bear Dunes, and visit the art galleries and wineries that adorn this route.

Copper Country Trail National Byway

From Houghton to Copper Harbor, this drive will take you along a historic part of Michigan. Over 150 years ago, this area was booming with people hoping to make money in the copper industry. This drive by itself will take about 2 hours to complete, but plan on penciling in a few stops at an old copper mine, breweries, and state parks.

Pioneer Wine Trail

If you’re looking for a nice weekend activity, head down I-94 to the scenic Pioneer Wine Trail! Along the way, you will get to enjoy the beautiful colors of fall, leading to seven different wineries and tasting rooms as you wind your way from Adrian to Haslett


The Huron River is known for its gorgeous foliage year-round, an in the fall, that is no exception. If you’re looking for a nice fall drive with a destination at the end, head down US-12 to Eastern Michigan University and visit the botanical gardens. Coffee shops, book stores, and restaurants also line this road, making it the perfect fall road trip.

Are You Looking for a Place to Store Your Items in Michigan or Ohio?

Self Storage Specialists have a variety of sizes of storage units available throughout our self-storage locations in Michigan and Ohio. Are you interested in renting or learning more about our storage units? Contact us today or stop by and talk to our professional staff about any of your household and business storage needs.

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Divorce and Self Storage

A young woman takes off her ring after a divorceNo one imagines that their marriage will turn into a divorce, however, around 40 to 50 percent of marriages end in a divorce or some sort of dissolution. No matter how peaceful the decision to get a divorce was, it can still be extremely stressful and painful. The sooner you take the steps to prepare for a divorce, the quicker you will be able to get back on your feet.

As one or both spouses prepare to leave the home you shared, you’ll have to take the time to divide your assets. As it’s common for one party to downsize, some items may not immediately make the move to the new home. The good news is self-storage presents an affordable option for divorcees to safely store belongings for any length of time.

Preparing for Divorce and Your New Life Ahead

The sooner you start planning for your new lifestyle, the easier the transition will be. A few tips to get ready for the changes ahead include making some sound financial decisions, like including applying for separate credit cards so you have an established line of credit. Also, divorce can be expensive, so start saving up for the attorney and court fees as soon as possible.
Additionally, don’t be afraid to reach out for help from a therapist or counselor to ensure you stay healthy mentally. The stress of informing family members about the divorce and figuring out how to divide all your assets can take a toll on your mental wellness, and talking to an unbiased individual may help you heal faster.

Divorce and Property Storage

If you are downsizing your home due to a divorce, storing your belongings until you get settled may be a good option. Whether you need storage for a few weeks, a few months, or an undetermined amount of time, self-storage can help. Most facilities offer month-to-month leases so you won’t be stuck in a long-term contract. Plus, many storage companies, Self Storage Specialists included, offer the convenience of online payment options, so you won’t have to worry about stopping in during office hours to pay your bill. You can rest assured that your belongings will be safe and secure, as storage facilities are well lit and offer state-of-the-art 24-hour camera monitoring services.

What Size Storage Unit Will I Need?

We have storage units ranging in size from those that hold a few pieces of clothing and miscellaneous items to those that hold the contents of a few rooms of furniture.
• 5X5: Our 5X5 unit can hold a small amount of furniture as well as other miscellaneous items.
• 5X10: Our 5X10 unit is approximately the size of a walk-in closet. This unit can hold furniture like a mattress set, chairs, a sofa and boxes.
• 5X15: This unit is the size of a large walk-in closet. It can hold the standard contents of a one-bedroom apartment.
• 10X10: This unit can hold the contents of a one-bedroom apartment, as well as items like a refrigerator, washer or dryer.
• 10X15: Our 10X15 storage unit will fit the contents of a two-bedroom apartment or a small house.
• 10X20: This storage unit will fit the contents of a small home including appliances, furniture and boxes, as well as the contents of a one-car garage.
• 10X30: Our 10X30 unit is the size of a standard one-car garage. This storage unit can fit the furnishings of a two-bedroom home with a car.

What Type of Property Storage Will I Need?

If you are storing items that are sensitive to fluctuations in temperature, like leather or wooden furniture, pictures, wine, musical instruments or artwork, consider storing your items in a climate controlled storage unit. Regardless of what the temperature is like outside of the storage unit, the temperature inside of a climate controlled storage unit will remain optimal for your temperature sensitive items!

Do You Need Help Choosing a Storage Unit?

Self Storage Specialists is here to help you in any way we can throughout any of life’s major events. Contact us with any questions regarding what type or storage unit will fit your needs or to set up a tour.

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The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Staging a Home for Sale

A beautifully staged room before an open houseIf done well, home staging can be a powerful tool to sell a house. Home staging helps potential buyers picture a life for themselves in your old home, as you’ve made it easy for them to picture their own belongings fitting right in.

The Best Home Staging Tips and How to Avoid Common Mistakes

Real estate agents across the country recommend home staging as a means to sell your home faster. However, too often people are anxious to get their homes on the market right away and forget about staging altogether. Ensure a quicker sale by knowing how to avoid these common home staging mistakes:

  1. Don’t Over Stage: There comes a point in every home staging journey when it is best to stop staging. A house that went too far with home staging can actually backfire and appear cluttered. If the item doesn’t enhance the features of the room, don’t put it in there. Less is more when it comes to properly staging your home, and your goal is to make the space look larger. As you add more and more items into the room, your items appear to shrink the overall size of the room.
  2. Don’t Stage Every Room: As previously stated, your goal is to create a vision of a home your buyers can see themselves living in. Leaving some space for the buyer to imagine his or her belongings in will make their imagination run wild, and could be the final step in their decision to buy your home.
  3. Make Sure to Declutter: When someone enters your home and it’s cluttered, they will be focused on the clutter and distracted from the great features of your home. Take the time to declutter and organize before listing on the market. Many people have found storing items in a storage unit to be helpful when home staging. Not only will clutter be out of the eyes of the potential buyers, when it is time to move you already have a head start on packing up your items.
  4. Don’t Forget About Pantries and Closets: If a potential buyer opens the door to your pantry or closet and sees a cluttered mess, they will think there’s not enough storage space in the home for their own belongings. Make sure all the storage spaces are as tidy as possible; you can easily consider storing seasonal decorations or items like bulky clothing and extra bedding in your storage unit, too.
  5. Get Rid of Any Traces of Pets: While you love Buddy and Max and no longer notice their smells, potential buyers will. Before putting your home on the market, take the time and thoroughly clean and deodorize your home. Scrub the carpets, vacuum floors and couches and wipe down any surface your animals typically lay on. If you’re worried about odors lingering that may be blind to your nose, consider baking cookies before your open house. This will mask any extra smells as well as create a homey and nostalgic feeling.

Do You Need a Place to Store Your Items While Home staging

If you need a place to store your items during the home staging process, consider a storage unit! Self Storage Specialists have a variety of sizes of storage units at our 30 locations throughout Michigan and Ohio for all your storage needs. We are ready to help! Contact us today to talk to a friendly self-storage professional.

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2017 Michigan Fall Festivals

A family enjoys cotton candy and fair rides at a local fall festivalFall is a time of apple cider, hay rides, haunted houses and celebrations of the season. Every year, Michigan is filled with unique fall festivals to help you properly welcome in the cooler weather ahead. This year is no exception. Gather up your kids, friends and family and explore these local Michigan fall festivals!

Fall Festivals in Michigan

Frankenmuth Oktoberfest

From September 14th-17th, check out the Frankenmuth Oktoberfest! Frankenmuth’s Oktoberfest was the first Oktoberfest to take place with the blessing of the original Oktoberfest in Munich. This year, for the first time ever, the Hofbrauhaus brewery in Munich shipped their beer to the United States to be used for Oktoberfest. The Frankenmuth Oktoberfest seeks to preserve the heritage and culture of the original Munich Oktoberfest by featuring authentic entertainment, food, souvenirs and beer.


From September 22nd–24th, come check out the Pumpkinfest in Downtown South Lyon! This festival will include a parade, craft show, pie eating contest and inflatables! The proceeds made at the non-profit booths will be given back to churches, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and youth athletic programs.

Scarecrow Festival

From September 30th-October 1st, stop by the 15th annual Scarecrow Festival! The Scarecrow Festival is put on by businesses and residents of Trenton, MI and is not run by the city. Every year, proceeds from the event are donated to local charities and non-profit organizations looking to help the community. This festival will feature arts and crafts, games, eating contests and a dog costume contest. Animals from local animal shelters will also be featured onsite to promote adoption and reduce unnecessary euthanasia.

Fall on the Island Festival

If you’re looking for a weekend trip, come hangout at the Fall on the Island Festival on Drummond Island on October 13th and 14th! The Fall on the Island Festival will feature a golf outing, 10K and 5K walk or run, artisan fair, kids’ events as well as a pub crawl. Jedi Mind Trip, a Michigan based band, will also be featured at this event.

Tecumseh’s 24th Annual Appleumpkin Festival

The weekend of October 14th and 15th, check out the annual Appleumpkin Festival! This festival features activities for the whole family. From carnival games, mazes and crafts, to helicopter rides and the Miss Tecumseh Appleumpkin Queens’s Pageant, this festival is sure to be a hit!

Detroit Fall Beer Festival

A little later in the season, on October 27th and 28th, head to the 9th annual Detroit Fall Beer Festival! The festival will feature over 600 craft beer selections from 75 different breweries. Advance tickets are sold online and include 15 taster tokens. Designated driver tickets are also sold online. For more information, please visit the event’s page here.

Cedar Point HalloWeekends

On Saturdays and Sundays from September 16th–October 29th, check out HalloWeekends at Cedar Point! Kids of all ages will love The Great Pumpkin Fest filled with live entertainment, attractions and all of their favorite rides. But at night, the haunting starts! Mazes, live entertainment, night rides and freakshows await those who dare to enter!

Do You Have Storage Needs in Michigan?

Self Storage Specialists have a variety of sizes of storage units at our 30 locations throughout Michigan and Ohio for all your household or business storage needs. We are ready to help! Contact us today to talk to a friendly self-storage professional.

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The Best Tips for Planning a Garage Sale

Garage sale items labeled with pricesThe last few weeks of summer serve a as a great time to host one last garage sale before the holidays and winter months arrive. Although garage sales can be a lot of work, they can be an effective way of making extra cash while getting rid of unneeded items if they are done right.

Garage Sale Tips – How to Ensure a Successful Garage Sale

Garage Sale Pricing Tips

Before developing a pricing strategy, it is important to identify your main goal of the garage sale. If you are just looking to get rid of your unneeded items and declutter, price your items low and advertise that you’ll be willing to negotiate. If you are looking to make some good extra cash from your items, price your items higher, however, be wary of pricing your items too high. People come to a garage sale looking for a deal, and if they see that your items are priced too high, they may just decide to head to the garage sale down the road.

Don’t Fall Short on Advertising

Take the time to advertise for your garage sale. Consider placing an advertisement on Craigslist, creating a Facebook event and putting an advertisement in your local paper the week before. The morning of your garage sale, tape signs around your neighborhood advertising the event with directional signs pointing people back to your house. As a bonus tip, include the highlights of what will be sold at your garage sale on some of the signs. If you are selling a lot of baby items, advertise it.

Be Prepared with Ample Change

Don’t make the amateur mistake of not having enough change for your garage sale. The day before your garage sale, head to your local bank and get different increments of change. If you have items priced for $.50 or $1.50, don’t forget to also ask for quarters.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Team up with a friend or other families in your neighborhood and host a combined garage sale. A bargain hunter is more likely to drive a further distance for a multiple family garage sale than a single-family garage sale. Also, the more people advertising your garage sale, the more potential customers you will have.

Supplies, Supplies, Supplies

A good garage sale requires a lot of supplies. Plastic bags for customers to carry their items in, markers and stickers to update prices, tape to secure signs, and the list goes on and on! Plan ahead and make a list of the supplies you will need ahead of time.

Do You Have Items Left Over After Your Garage Sale?

No matter how much time you spend advertising your garage sale and how low your prices are, you will most likely still have some leftover items once the garage sale is over. Items that you no longer want but are still in good shape can be donated to charity. Items that are unusable by a donation center should be thrown out. If you have items you want to keep for future garage sales, put them in a storage unit. This is a smart way to keep your home decluttered while preparing for sales in the future. Do you have questions on what size storage unit you will need? Contact us today to talk to a friendly self storage professional!

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It’s Time for the Michigan State Fair!

The Ferris wheel at the Michigan State FairIt’s that time of the year again! The Michigan State Fair is upon us. This means it’s time for fair rides, the circus, delicious food, music and so much more! As a tradition for 168 years, the Michigan State Fair has a special place in the hearts of all Michiganders. The fair also aims to support philanthropic efforts statewide, as well as honor current military personnel.

Michigan State Fair History

As one of the first statewide fair events in the United States, the first Michigan State Fair took place in Detroit in 1849. In 1905, it was moved to Woodward Avenue where it stayed until 2009, but was later discontinued due to budget restrictions. However, at the same time there was a growing interest in our state’s natural resources, agriculture and farm-to-table produce, as well the new development of new businesses.

Michigan State Fair Today

Today, the Michigan State Fair is funded by a private entity and sponsored by Ram trucks. The fair is located at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi. The goal of the Michigan State Fair is to celebrate the new direction of agriculture in Michigan, as well as create a fun and exciting event for all ages. The fair today holds true to the traditions of its grand past.

Michigan State Fair Schedule

If the immense success of past Michigan State Fairs is any indicator of what to expect this year, then we’re in for a big treat. Last year, the attendance of the Michigan State Fair reached a count of 152,000. The 2017 fair is expected to surpass that attendance count. The Michigan State Fair will be open every day starting Thursday, August 31st through Sunday, September 3rd from 10:00am to 10:00pm, and Monday, September 4th from 10:00am to 9:00pm.

Michigan State Fair Attractions

Beer Tasting: Friday September 1st, from 5:00pm to 8:00pm, come taste some of the beers that made Michigan the 5th largest producer of brewed beer in the United States. Every hour from 5:00pm to 8:00pm, a different brewery will showcase their beers.
Beginning of Life Baby Animals Exhibit: This year, stop by the reinvented young animal exhibit. This exhibit will showcase young animals that have been born recently, but are old enough to not be overwhelmed by the fair.
Contests: You can’t have a fair without fun contests! This year will feature unique contests such as a bubble gum blowing contest, milk mustache contest, pasta eating contest and watermelon spitting contest, to name a few. There will also be a baking contest and creative arts contest.
Racing Pigs: Are you looking for a hilarious family friendly attraction? Check out the pig races! The pig races will take place every day of the fair.

Do you Have Storage Needs in Michigan?

Self Storage Specialists have a variety of sizes of climate controlled storage units at our 30 locations throughout Michigan and Ohio to ensure your moving day goes as smooth as possible. Contact us today to find out how we can assist with all your household storage needs!

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5 Tips to Make Moving into a Dorm Easier

Young sister helping her brother move into freshman year dorm on college move-in day

The summer months of June and July quickly flew past us, and now August is here. For someone heading to college, it can only mean one thing: dorm move-in day is quickly approaching. Moving to college is undeniably an emotional time in your life, but it’s also an exciting one!

Must-Follow Dorm Move-in Day Tips

Unless you have helped a friend or family member move into a dorm room, you probably are wondering what to expect from the day, as well as how to make the process easier. Follow these five move-in day tips to make the day run as smoothly as possible!

Communicate with Your Roommate: Before buying anything, check with your roommate. It would be a waste of time and money to purchase two coffeemakers, rugs and mini fridges due to a miscommunication. And as much as you may think otherwise, you will not need two of these items. Make a list of the big items you will only need one of and have your roommate purchase half and you purchase the other half. This list may contain things like a vacuum, TV and a toaster if your school will allow it.

Make a Dorm Room Checklist: There’s nothing worse than forgetting a necessary item. Depending on how far away your college is from your hometown, if you forget to pack an item you would either need to have your parents ship it to you, or you can wait to grab it when you’re home for Thanksgiving. But this still involves going without that item for what may be an extended period of time. In order to prevent this inconvenience, create a dorm room checklist beforehand. A few necessary items include bedding, prescription medicines, and toiletries. Just remember, dorm rooms can be tight on space! While there will be some exceptions, try to stick to only packing the items included on the list.

Plan Ahead: Read all the dorm room material the school sent you before move-in day. With all the stress of moving to college, the last thing you want is to realize the morning of that you were supposed to have a form filled out or bring additional information with you. Have all forms and documents you’re supposed to turn in on move-in day filled out and ready to go. More than likely, when you get to your dorm there will be more paperwork for you to complete.

Take Advantage of Campus Assistance: Most likely, your school will have a system in place to help you move into your dorm easier. Whether it’s help from a student organization, or merely just giving families dollies to help move heavy, bulky items from the car to the dorm building, take advantage of it. This is not only a good way to get some extra help, it can help you meet new friends right off the bat.

Pack a Tool Kit: Do not forget a tool kit on move-in day. Some of your furniture will most likely need to be broken down and rearranged, and you don’t want to have to hunt down the RA for a tool kit that every other student moving in to the dorm needs. Save yourself the headache and bring your own.

Are you in Need of Some Extra Storage for Your Down Room?

If you have seasonal items or belongings that will not fit in your dorm room, consider using a storage unit. Self Storage Specialists offers self storage for college students near many college campuses at our locations throughout Michigan and Ohio. Are you interested in renting or learning more about our storage units? Contact us today or stop by and talk to our professional staff about any of your household and business storage needs.

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