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What to Do with Old Electronics

A young woman holds up an old jukebox before storageIf you’re like the average person, you LOVE your latest and greatest electronic device- until the newer, latest and greatest version comes out. And even if you hold strong and try to refuse to get the newest model, it seems like phone and computer companies try to force you into purchasing it by slowing down your current service or program speed.

So, when you give in and get the newer model, what do you do with the old one? Well, that’s up to you. There are a few options for getting rid of electronics, and we’ll cover all of them in this post. Regardless of which option you choose, never throw them out. The chemicals inside of electronics can be extremely hazardous to the environment. Besides, with these four other great choices, that shouldn’t even be an option.

1. Donating Electronics

There are many awesome electronic donation programs out there that are only a quick Google search away. When you consider that donating old electronics can help veterans, the military overseas, and sick children in the hospital, leaving them in your drawer to collect dust just seems silly. Before donating your electronics, be sure to clear them of any personal information.

2. Sell Old Electronics

There are many websites out there dedicated to helping you sell unwanted things. This is not only a smart way to get rid of some unneeded items, it can also help you to make a quick buck. Just like when you donate old electronics, make sure to clear them of any personal information before they get passed to someone else’s hands.

3. Electronics Recycling Programs

Many stores offer programs that allow you to recycle your old electronics. As the mass use of electronics have heightened in recent years, so have efforts to increase recycling initiatives. Recycling electronics that no longer work allows that piece to be broken down to make new ones. As another incentive to recycle them, many electronics’ recycling programs also offer a free program to erase the data on them.

4. Store Old Electronics

If you aren’t ready to part with your electronics quite yet, consider storing them. Whether you are holding onto them for sentimental reasons, because of their value, or just in case they’re needed one day, storing them in a storage unit will help keep them safe for future use. Before you store your electronics, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  1. Store All Electronics in the Original Packaging: The original packaging will best protect your electronics from damage. This packaging was made specifically to hold the device and it will offer support where it is needed.
  2. Check the Owner’s Manual: Different electronics will require different care. When in doubt, consulting the owner’s manual will allow you to provide the best storage care for that brand and type of device.
  3. Take a Picture of the Electronic Hookup: Once your electronics are disconnected, it can be hard to remember how to reconnect them again. By taking a picture of the back of the electronics, you will have a fallback even if you can’t remember how to reconnect them later.
  4. Store All Electronics in a Safe Location: It is important to be cautious of the location you choose to store electronics. If they become exposed to moisture or fluctuations in temperature, they can become damaged. When storing your electronics in a storage unit, choose a climate controlled storage unit.

Are You Looking for a Place to Store Your Electronics?

Self Storage Specialists have a variety of sizes of both drive up and climate controlled storage units, perfect for the storage of electronics. Either contact us or stop by one of our storage facilities in Michigan in Ohio to talk to our professional staff about any of your electronic storage needs.

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St. Patrick’s Day History and Events in Michigan

A man and his kids enjoy the St. Patrick's Day festivities in MIEvery year on March 17th, people all over the world celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. So, who is Saint Patrick and why are we celebrating him? Stay tuned, and in this post, you will learn about the history of St. Patrick’s Day as well as where you can celebrate the day in Michigan!

St. Patrick’s Day History

This festive Irish holiday has religious roots. Saint Patrick was born during the fifth century in Roman Britain. When he was 16 years old, he was kidnapped from his home and brought to Ireland as a slave. After a few years, he escaped from slavery but later returned to Ireland with the mission of spreading the word about Christianity. Saint Patrick is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland and using the three-leaf clover to explain the Holy Trinity. The first celebration of Saint Patrick didn’t start until the ninth or tenth century.

2018 St Patrick’s Day Events in Michigan

Nowadays, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated all over the world. So don your green apparel and head to any of these festive St. Patrick’s Day events in Michigan:

Wednesday, March 14th

Uncorked Irish Whiskey Tasting

On Wednesday, March 14th at 6:00 PM, the State Room Restaurant in Lansing, MI is hosting a whiskey tasting! Participants will get to taste six different types of whiskey and enjoy small appetizers.

Saturday, March 17th

Detroit Irish Fest

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at the Detroit Irish Fest in Detroit, MI! This event will feature live bands, local Detroit entertainers, and drink specials throughout the day.

Downriver’s Largest St. Patrick’s Day Party

From 12:00 PM to 11:30 PM, head to the Market Center Park in Southgate, MI for a day of St. Patrick’s Day fun! This event will include heated tents, drink specials, food, and live music and entertainment. The event will be headlined by FiftyAmpFuse.

Founder’s KBS & CBS St. Patrick’s Day

Enjoy a more authentic St. Patrick’s Day at Karl’s Cabin Restaurant & Bar in Plymouth, MI! From noon to 5:00 PM, the restaurant will be serving authentic corned beef and cabbage, shepherd’s pie, fish and chips, salmon croquettes, and potato leek soup! This event will also feature drinks and live bagpipes.

St. Patrick’s Day Family Yoga

Are you looking for more of a low-key, Zen, St. Patrick’s Day? Bring your family to St. Patrick’s Day Yoga from 8:45 to 9:45 AM on Saturday, March 17th to Footprints Fitness in Novi, MI! This fun, family-oriented event is perfect for yoga newbies. After the class, there will be snacks, raffles, and a St. Patrick’s Day contest!

Self Storage Specialist Has Storage Facilities in Michigan and Ohio

Are you interested in learning more about a self-storage unit rental? Self Storage Specialists have a variety of sizes of both drive up and climate controlled storage units available throughout our self-storage locations in both Michigan and Ohio. Either contact us or stop by and talk to our professional staff about any of your household storage needs.

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The 10 Best Spring Cleaning Tips

Young Woman Holding Bucket With Group Of Cleaning Supplies For NNational Spring Cleaning Week is March 5th through March 11th. This week is dedicated to motivating people to get up and start deep cleaning their homes. According to The National Spring Cleaning Week website, a cleaner home can help you to feel more liberated, satisfied, pumped up, and it can even change who you are as a person. To help you have a successful spring cleaning week and season, we put together some of our top spring cleaning tips!

The Top Spring Cleaning Ideas and Tips

  1. Declutter Your Home: No matter how many hours you spend cleaning your home, if it is too cluttered, it’s never going to look organized. Before you even start spring cleaning, spend time getting rid of unneeded items. This will not only help your home look better, but it will also keep you more organized throughout the spring and summer seasons.
  2. Make a List: Make a list of every room in your home with the spring cleaning tasks that need to be completed. This will prevent you from overlooking a room or forgetting about an important task.
  3. Use Green Cleaners: While you may have good spring cleaning intentions, if you clean with harmful products, you can potentially expose your family and pets to dangerous toxins and chemicals. Before you introduce a new cleaning product to your home, do research to make sure it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals.
  4. Freshen Up the Fabrics in Your Household: Unfortunately, we can’t just throw everything in our washing machines. For hard-to-clean items like comforters and blinds, consider hanging them outside to freshen them up. This can work wonders after months of them being locked inside of a closed-up home.
  5. Clean Appliances: Don’t forget about your dishwasher, microwave, and refrigerator! These appliances can take a serious food beating during the holidays and throughout the winter season. To clean your microwave, simply turn the microwave on high and heat up a bowl of water with a lemon-cut in half-inside. Let the bowl cool for a few minutes then remove the bowl of water and wipe your microwave clean.
  6. Make Your Windows Sparkle: Dirty windows can make your home look dreary and block the spring sunshine, along with the vitamin D we all need to feel our best. When you’re cleaning your windows, don’t forget to dust the window sills and to clean out the window tracks.
  7. Look High and Low: Only cleaning the items at eye level will leave a great deal of your house still dirty. Don’t forget to clean the floors and baseboards and to check the ceiling corners for cob webs.
  8. Clean the Ceiling Fan Blades: One place you may not think to clean is the blades of your ceiling fan. Months and months of dust can get caked on the ceiling fan blades, and when you turn the fan on in the summer, it can result in the dust particles raining down on you. If you or someone in your home suffers from allergies, cleaning the blades can be a great way to ease the symptoms.
  9. Tackle the Pantry and Cupboards: Now is a great time to clean out your pantry and cupboards of both food and other kitchen products you no longer need. Look for expired canned goods, unwanted boxed items, and mismatched Tupperware.
  10. Take Care of the Air: Improve the air quality in your home by replacing the furnace and HVAC filters. This will help to keep the air ducts from scattering contaminants throughout your home.

Make Space in Your Home with a Storage Unit

Decluttering can be difficult. A storage unit is a smart solution for those items you want to keep, but not around your home. A 5X5 sized storage unit is the perfect size for clearing out space in your closets, while a 5X10 sized storage unit can easily handle a larger spring-cleaning purge.

Are you interested in learning more about a self-storage unit rental? Self Storage Specialists have a variety of sizes of both drive up and climate controlled storage units available throughout our self-storage locations in both Michigan and Ohio. Either contact us or stop by and talk to our professional staff about any of your household storage needs.

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Feng Shui Decorating Ideas and Tips for a More Organized Home

A young man meditates on his floor in his feng shui home The ancient art of feng shui has been practiced in homes in China for thousands of years, but what is it? Good question. Feng shui teaches people to balance the energy in the various spaces of their lives in order to create harmony and to bring good fortune. Even if you don’t fully believe in feng shui, anyone can benefit from practicing some of its principles, especially as we near the spring cleaning season!

Some Quick Feng Shui Basics

While the core concepts of feng shui are complex and would take years to understand, some of the more basics lessons are easy to apply to your life and home. These include:

  1. Decluttering Your Home: When trying to make your home align with the guidelines of feng shui, one of the first things you should do is declutter it. Look high and low for any areas that are too cluttered or packed including closets, basements, garages, and attics.
  2. Concentrating on Every Room in Your Home: Everyone has rooms in their house that need more decluttering or organization attention than others. It would be easy to only focus on the areas of your house that require less decluttering and organizational work, but this is a mistake. By straightening and organizing all of the rooms in your home, you will be removing the negative energy and promoting the good.

Feng Shui Decorating Ideas

To make your home align with the guidelines of feng shui, try these decorating tips:

  1. Feng Shui Colors: When choosing paint for your room, focus on how the colors make you feel. The colors should make you feel light, energized, and happy.
  2. Decorate with Plants: Consider decorating with potted plants, especially if you have a large window in a room directly across from a door. This can help to bounce the good energy back into the room.
  3. Use Meaningful Pieces: Choose to decorate with keepsakes that are meaningful to you. This will create a more soothing and peaceful home.
  4. Choose an Oval Table: Square tables with sharp angles and edges do not promote positive energy. Furniture is generally arranged around tables, and you don’t want your guests to be bumping into the sharp edges of your table.

The Best Tips for a Feng Shui Bedroom

A bedroom that is set up to align with the guidelines of feng shui is said to give the homeowner better sleep and offer more security. The bed should be across from the door, but never with your feet pointing directly at it. A bedroom should also be viewed as sacred, and the storing of items under your bed is said to block the flow of good energy. Look for other spaces in your home to store your items, and if you can’t find any, consider renting a storage unit.

Self Storage Specialists Has Storage Solutions for You

Self Storage Specialists have a variety of sizes of climate controlled storage units available throughout our self storage locations in both Michigan and Ohio. Either contact us or stop by and talk to our professional staff about any of your household storage needs.

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Fun Indoor Winter Activities Near Detroit, Ann Arbor and the Surrounding Areas

A young family plays at an indoor event in Detroit Wouldn’t it be nice if the cold weather left with the holiday season? Well sadly, that isn’t the reality, and baby, it’s cold outside. This winter has set numerous records all across the United States. Between daily record low temperatures set from Florida through South Carolina, New York, Buffalo and of course, Flint, Michigan, it’s safe to say the entire country is ready for that spring warm up! For the next few weeks, unfortunately, this is just wishful thinking, but, don’t let the cold weather turn you into an indoor couch potato! These events and activities can be enjoyed in any weather, sub-degree temperature, or snow storm!

Museums in Michigan

Michigan is filled with a variety of exciting museums. Turn a boring, indoor day into an exciting day of learning!

Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum

The Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum is filled with exciting exhibits for all ages. This museum has exhibits that let children experiment with simple machines, dress up like fire fighters, hear their heartbeat, and experience the characteristics of light and optics. Admission to the Ann Arbor museum is $12.50 for children and adults, but only $5.00 on Thursdays after 5:00 PM.

Detroit Historical Museum

The Detroit Historical Museum was founded by the Detroit Historical Society in 1928. This museum seeks to preserve the rich history of the region through collecting and conserving artifacts. Signature exhibits at the Detroit Historical Museum include: The Doorway to Freedom, America’s Motor City, Kid Rock Music Lab, Streets of Old Detroit, and The Gallery of Innovation. The museum is open from Tuesdays through Sundays, and admission is free!

Museum of African American History

The Museum of African American History was founded in 1965 with the mission of opening minds through the celebration of African American history and culture. The museum features exhibits like the Ring of Genealogy, And Still We Rise, Ford Freedom Rotunda, and Inspiring Minds.

Other Indoor Winter Activities and Events in Michigan

Planet Rock

Are you looking for an active day of fun with your kids? Planet Rock has programs to fit every need whether you are a first-time climber or a pro! Starter packages, day packages, experienced climber packages, group packages, and party packages are available.

Little Caesars Arena

If you haven’t visited the Little Caesars Arena for a sporting event, concert or other event, you are missing out. This brand new, state-of-the-art facility is the home of both the Detroit Pistons and Detroit Red Wings. If you’re looking for a fun evening, check out the Little Caesars Arena schedule!

Self Storage Specialists has Storage Units in the Detroit and Ann Arbor Area

Self Storage Specialists is proud to be a part of the Detroit and Ann Arbor communities. We have a variety of both traditional and climate controlled storage units throughout our locations in Michigan and Ohio. Please either call or stop in to see one of our Self Storage Specialists for all of your storage needs!

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Getting Rid of Clutter: The 10 Things You Should Throw Out Now

Items to Throw Out When DeclutteringDecluttering is hard. Sorting through all of your items to determine what you should hold onto and what is no longer needed is no easy task. To help you out, we put together a list of the items that should either be thrown out or recycled.

How to Get Rid of Clutter: Throw Out These 10 Items

  1. Clothes You Never Wear: If you haven’t worn an item of clothing within the last year, you will likely never wear it again. While it’s easy to hold onto an item just in case it’s needed, this mindset will lead you to keeping a lot of unnecessary items. To determine which items you no longer use, turn all of the hangers in your closet backwards. When you wear an item, put it back in the closet with the hanger facing the right way. At the end of the month, it will be clear as to which items need to go.
  2. Miscellaneous Cords and Wires: What do you do when you find a miscellaneous cable, cord, or wire in your home? You hold onto it just in case you find the device to which it belongs. This leads to a drawer, bin, or compartment becoming designated to the storage of your spare and miscellaneous cords. Just like your old clothing, if you haven’t needed the cord within the last year, you will likely never need it again. In order to prevent your future self from going through the same hassle, place a piece of tape on the cord and label it with the designated device.
  3. Expired Food, Spices, and Makeup: This should go without saying, but any items that are expired should no longer be in your house. Take the time to go through your pantry, cupboards, and makeup storage bins to get rid of any expired spices, food, or other products.
  4. Old Paint: After decorating a room, it is common to hold onto the paint cans in case you need to do touch ups or add another layer. This is smart, but holding onto paint cans from rooms that have since been redecorated isn’t. Taking the time to sort through your paint supplies to determine which colors you still need to hold onto and which you can get rid of will result in more storage space for other items.
  5. Baby Items if You’re Done Having Kids: It’s hard to get rid of baby items. Maybe you’re holding onto them for sentimental reasons or maybe it’s because of the amount of money you spent on each item. Whatever the reason, there is a much better solution. Instead of letting baby items go unused around your house, consider donating them to someone who could actually use them. If you don’t personally know anyone in need of baby items, consider posting an advertisement on a social network or donating them to a local shelter.
  6. Mismatched Tupperware: We all hold onto spare lids and containers in hopes of finding the matching part. If it’s been a month and you still haven’t found the corresponding part, it’s most likely a lost cause. Recycle or throw out any mismatched containers.
  7. Toiletries You Will Not Use: We all know the drill. During the holiday season we receive lotions, creams, and other specialty products as presents but never end up using them. Instead of holding onto these items, throw out all expired products and donate any unused items to a shelter.
  8. Water Bottles: We acquire water bottles from everywhere- sporting events, school activities, races… and more likely than not, you do not need all of these water bottles. Instead of letting them clutter your cupboards, recycle any bottles that can be and throw out the rest.
  9. Old Medications: People commonly hold onto their old medications because they aren’t sure how to safely dispose of them. Many cities have a DEA-authorized collector that will your old medicines, but not all. Before disposing of medicines, research to see what the best method is for that particular type of medication.
  10. Old Craft Supplies: If you have excess craft supplies from a project you gave up a long time ago, get rid of them. The chances that you will use the supplies again are slim, and there’s no use in letting those supplies clutter your closets.

Are You in Need of More Storage Space?

The items listed above may be easy to part with, but other items can be more difficult. If there are some items you are unable to part with, or know you’ll need in the future, consider utilizing a storage unit. A storage unit is a great solution for keeping items you rarely need, but free from cluttering your home. Self Storage Specialists have a variety of both traditional and climate controlled storage units throughout our locations in Michigan and Ohio. Contact us today to speak to one of our friendly self storage representatives!

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2018 Valentine’s Day Activities in Michigan

A couple celebrating Valentine's Day at a restaurant in MichiganWhether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with a significant other, friends, or family members, this holiday is a great opportunity to celebrate all of the special people in your life. In Michigan, you and your loved ones can celebrate Valentine’s day on more than just 1 day by attending one or more of the following love-filled events!

The Best Valentine’s Day Events in Michigan for Your Loved Ones

February 8th

The Parlour Galentine’s Day

Are you looking for a Valentine’s Day event to celebrate some of your girl friends? The Parlour at CityFlatsHotelin Grand Rapids is hosting a Galentine’s Day event you won’t want to miss. Grab all your favorite gals for an evening of hors d’oeuvres, drinks, swag bags, giveaways, and a night filled with shopping!

February 9th

Grown Up Play Date

If you’re looking for a charitable Valentine’s Day, take a road trip to the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum for a night of fun! Although the event is held at the Children’s Museum it is for adults only, and includes a life-sized Candy Land game, painting, shrinky-dinks, food, and drinks. The proceeds from this event will benefit the museum.

February 10th

Valentine’s Tea with Mary Todd Lincoln

On February 10th from 1:00 to 4:00 PM, Mary Todd Lincoln will be at the Westland Historic Village Park celebrating Valentine’s Day and talking about her relationship with Abe Lincoln. This event will also include food and tea provided by Victoria’s Tea. This is a fun way to enjoy Valentine’s Day with your favorite history buff!

February 11th

The Story of Valentine’s Day at Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve in Rochester

Are you looking for a fun, family-friendly event to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Your little ones will love The Story of Valentine’s Day presented at the Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve in the TriceraTots Puppet Theatre! After the show, kids will be invited to make their own Valentine’s Day cards and popcorn bags.

February 14th

Valentine’s Day Wine Dinner at the Republic Tavern

From 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM, head to the Republic Tavern in Detroit for a romantic evening of wine and food brought to you by Executive Chef, Matt Currie. This dinner will include six courses, with vegetarian options available. While menu alterations will not be available the day of the event, other accommodations for dietary restrictions and allergies can be made prior to the event.

February 15th

Valentine’s Day Fairy Tea

Do you have a little fairy lover in your house? Head to the Crazy Wisdom Bookstore and Tearoom in Ann Arbor where they will host a special fairy-filled tea time! Children will get to meet “real” fairies, listen to a story, and enjoy tea and cookies. Fairy attire is encouraged for this event.

Are You Looking for a Storage Solution in Michigan?

We are proud to support the Michigan events surrounding our local storage facilities. Self Storage Specialists have a variety of both traditional and climate controlled storage units throughout our locations in Michigan and Ohio. Contact us today to speak to one of our friendly self storage representatives!

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The Top Tips for Storing Items for the Long Term

A young woman cleans out her fridge before storing it in long-term storageWhen placing an item in a storage unit, it is always important to ensure that it is properly prepared. This is even more important when you are storing an item long-term because you want to make sure it stays in the best condition possible until you’re ready to use it again. The best way to keep your belongings safe and damage-free in your unit is to take the time to properly prepare them for storage.

Preparing Your Items for a Long-Term Storage Unit

  1. Utilize Pallet Boards to Keep Items Off of the Floor: Over time, moisture can seep up from the floor of your storage unit and could cause damage to your items. In order to prevent this from happening, use pallet boards to keep your items off of the floor. You can easily get your hands on some pallet boards for free by asking small local grocery stores, hardware, or garden stores. If you are unable to find pallet boards, spread a canvas tarp on the floor of your storage unit to act as a barrier between the moisture and your items.
  2. Scrub the Interior and Exterior of All Appliances: The interior of appliances can be moist and dark, and unfortunately, this is an ideal breeding ground for mold and mildew. Mitigate the chances of mold and mildew forming by scrubbing out all appliances with either a diluted bleach solution or a baking soda and water mixture.
  3. Vacuum Furniture and Use Sealant on Wood: You should never store furniture that is dirty. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any crumbs and pet hair. Next, use a sealant on any exposed wood to keep mold and mildew from forming.
  4. Cover Upholstery: Use white cotton sheets or fabric tarps to cover all upholstery. This will prevent dust from settling on your furniture.
  5. Label and Protect all Fragile Items: It is very important to label any boxes that contain fragile items. This way, no matter how long it has been since you’ve been back to your storage unit, you’ll still remember which boxes contain your breakables and need to be handled carefully. Wrap all fragile items in a protective wrap, bubble wrap, or acid free paper. As an extra precaution to prevent your items from becoming damaged, fill the empty space between the fragile items in the boxes with packing peanuts to prevent them breaking if boxes are moved or shifted.
  6. Consider a Climate Controlled Storage Unit: When storing items long-term, consider utilizing a climate controlled storage unit. Over time, fluctuations in temperature can damage your items. A climate controlled storage unit will protect your items from these dangerous fluctuations.

Are You Interested Using a Long-Term Storage Unit?

Self Storage Specialists have climate controlled units at their storage facilities throughout both Michigan and Ohio, and are ready to meet your storage needs. Our storage facilities also have traditional storage units ranging in sizes from the 5×5 storage unit to the 10×30 storage unit. Are you interested in learning more about a storage unit rental with Self Storage Specialists? Contact us today!

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Restaurants Near Cobo Center, Detroit

A couple dining at a restaurant near Cobo Center after the NAIASDid a fun day spent at the North American International Auto Show work up your appetite? Well, you’re in luck. The area surrounding the Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan has a wide variety of restaurants, ranging both in type of cuisine and price. Whether you’re feeling like eating at a familiar chain, picking up something quick and cheap, or having a sit-down meal at one of Detroit’s fine dining establishments, you’re sure to find a restaurant near Cobo Center to please you.

Popular Restaurants Near Cobo Center in Detroit, MI

The Apparatus Room

The Apparatus Room is located at 250 W Larned Street, and is only 0.1 miles from Cobo Center. This casually elegant dining experience seeks to combine contemporary American cuisine with historic flair. The restaurant is named after its original purpose of holding fire engines for the fire department. During the NAIAS, The Apparatus Room will have lunch, dinner, bar, and lounge menus. The prices at these times are fixed, and reservations are strongly recommended. A credit card is required to reserve a table. Please be aware that because of the popularity of this Detroit restaurant, if you cancel outside of the standard grace period or do not show up, a $25 fee per person will be charged.

Maru Sushi

Maru Sushi is located at 160 Fort St in downtown Detroit, just a quarter mile away from Cobo Center. This restaurant is a popular Michigan chain, with other locations in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Okemos, East Lansing, and Midland. This restaurant has popular sushi plates, creative sushi rolls, shareable plates, unique cocktails, and daily drink specials and happy hours.

Andiamo Riverfront

Andiamo Riverfront is located at 400 Renaissance Center, Suite A403, and is less than half a mile away from Cobo Center. This restaurant has been family-owned since 1989, and offers a unique, Italian dining experience. The pasta is made in-house and the fish is flown in daily to ensure it maintains its freshness. Andiamo has been chosen by the OpenTable diners as being one of the best restaurants in the area!


SavannahBlue is located at 1431 Times Square, just a little over a half a mile away from Cobo Center. The menu at here is described as contemporary Northern soul, which aims to combine southern flavors with a Detroit style. The restaurant also has an extensive wine list and cocktails made from freshly squeezed juices.

Self Storage Specialists Near Detroit, MI

Self Storage Specialists is proud to support the local events surrounding our storage facilities, including the North American International Auto Show. We have storage facilities surrounding the Detroit area ready to meet any of your storage needs. Plus, our storage facilities offer monthly specials, making renting with Self Storage Specialists both convenient and affordable. We also offer vehicle storage options that are perfect for storing classic cars, out of season rides, or spare vehicles. Contact us today!

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The North American International Auto Show in Detroit, MI

A vehicle showcased at the NAISThe North American International Auto Show is back at the Cobo Center in Detroit, MI! This event brings together vehicle enthusiasts from around the country for a glimpse at the future of the automotive industry.

The History of the North American International Auto Show

Detroit is no novice to hosting automobile shows. From 1907 to 1987, Detroit hosted an annual regional auto show. In 1987, the Detroit Auto Dealers Association posed the idea of turning the little regional auto show into an international scope, and so began the North American International Show that we attend today. This event aims to celebrate the vehicles and technologies that are the future of the automotive world.

Events at The North American International Auto Show

The North American International Auto Show will feature many exciting events including:

The Public Show: The Public Show will take place from January 20th through January 28th. Those who attend the Public Show will get to view more than 750 vehicles on display including: muscle cars, electric cars, full-sized trucks, and high-performance supercars. The NAIAS is known as North America’s most prestigious automotive showcase, and if you love all things cars, you don’t want to miss it. From the 20th-the 27th, doors open at 9 a.m. and close at 10:00 p.m. with no admittance after 9 p.m. On Sunday, January 28th, doors open at 9 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. with no admittance after 6 p.m. Tickets are $14 for adults, $7 for seniors (65 and over), $7 for children ages 7-12, and free for children 6 and under with a paid parent/guardian ticket.

The Auto Show 5K: Back by popular demand, the Auto Show 5K will take place on January 14th at 8:30 a.m. outside of the Joe Louis Arena. The route for this event will wind along the Detroit Riverfront through Milliken Park. The race will finish in time for the start of the Public Show.

NAIAS 2018 Education Day: Education Day will take place on Wednesday, January 24th from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. This event began at the 2005 North American International Auto Show, and now in its 14th year. Education Day has been shaped into a valuable and educational day for students. This event is open to students of all ages, even college kids, and is tailored based on the ages of its attendees. The students in attendance will get to help with the pre-show and post-show lesson plans, go on a tour of the Auto Show, and experience other fun, hands-on activities.

Cars on Parade: During the NAIAS, there is a parade of cars at both 3:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. daily. This event has been put on by The Parade Company, organizers of America’s Thanksgiving Parade. It will feature luxury and performance automobiles, as well as local personalities, props, and clowns.

Are You Looking for Storage Options in the Detroit Area?

Are you one of the lucky few to own a classic car and find yourself in need of somewhere to safely store it? Please either call or visit your local Self Storage Specialist in both Michigan and Ohio for all of your car storage needs.

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